Behold the B.C. Rich guitar, a legendary icon designed for the boldest of musicians whose veins pulse with the essence of metal. This guitar isn’t just a tool; it’s a statement—a testament to those who dare to express their fierce individuality. The B.C. Rich guitar’s striking silhouette is unmistakable, with its sharp contours and fiery red highlights that mirror the intensity of its sound.

Engineered for both precision and power, its sleek neck allows for swift, fluid motion, while its robust pickups capture the full spectrum of tones, from the darkest depths to scintillating highs. This guitar is not merely an instrument—it is the battle-axe of choice for those who command the stage with relentless energy and unyielding passion. Whether you’re shredding through a solo or anchoring a heavy rhythm, the B.C. Rich guitar is the ultimate companion for those who play with an absolutely uncompromising, earth-shattering sound.

Weight 20 kg
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