The Jolana Studio 1970 electric guitar is a fascinating blend of traditional craftsmanship and unique design features. Known for its split tuning mechanism with a 2+4 headstock layout—pioneering this style well before Music Man—this guitar was ahead of its time. Its rich, red finish and semi-hollow body shape not only produce a resonant tone with a warm, woody character but also make a visual statement reminiscent of vintage styles. The ebony fretboard is a mark of quality, offering smooth playability and contributing to the clarity of each note.

The dual humbucking pickups, coupled with the guitar’s distinctive body style, give the Jolana Studio a versatile sound, capable of handling everything from jazz to rock. The whammy bar adds another dimension of expressiveness, allowing for bends and vibrato that can define a lead guitarist’s signature sound. This guitar is not just an instrument; it’s a slice of history, echoing the innovative spirit of an era and celebrating the legacy of Jolana’s contribution to the world of electric guitars.

Weight 20 kg
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