The Steinberger L2 bass guitar, a paragon of modern design and engineering from 1980, is a striking example of form meeting function. Its headless construction and minimalist body, made from a blend of graphite and epoxy, not only present an avant-garde aesthetic but also contribute to its distinctive tonal clarity and sustain. The use of non-traditional materials marks a significant departure from the wood-dominated era, offering a stable, durable instrument less prone to environmental changes. Its compact, travel-friendly size belies a powerful and versatile sound capable of delivering deep, rich bass lines that have graced countless recordings and stages around the world.

The Steinberger L2 is not just an instrument; it’s a piece of music history, embodying the innovative spirit of its time and continuing to inspire bassists seeking that unique combination of playability, reliability, and cutting-edge looks.

Weight 20 kg
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