The Jolana Iris guitar is a beautiful homage to the classic Fender Telecaster, boasting a sunburst finish and the distinctive double-cutaway body that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional access to the higher frets. Originating in 1973, this guitar has become a staple among players in the Eastern Bloc and beyond, revered for its reliability and the warm, crisp tones it produces—characteristics that have made it a favorite for a wide range of music genres. With its straightforward control setup and sturdy build, the Iris provides a no-frills approach to guitar design, allowing the quality of the sound and playability to shine through.

It is an instrument that has been the launchpad for many guitarists’ careers, often remembered with a fondness that transcends any initial criticism it may have faced. The Jolana Iris, with its blend of Eastern European craftsmanship and classic guitar lineage, is a testament to the timeless nature of a well-built guitar.

Weight 20 kg
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