This exquisite hollow-body guitar exudes a vintage aura with its sunburst finish and elegant f-holes that suggest a bygone era of jazz clubs and smoky blues bars. The warmth of the mahogany body and the distinct curvature lend not only a classic visual appeal but also produce a deep, resonant tone that’s rich with character.

The smooth, slim neck and accessible fretboard make it a joy to play, from smooth chord progressions to intricate melodic runs. This instrument isn’t just a guitar; it’s a piece of history with a voice that’s as soulful as it is timeless. Whether used for jazz, blues, or even modern fusion, this guitar will not only meet the demands of any style but do so with unmatched class and style. It’s a testament to masterful craftsmanship, designed to stand out both in sound and appearance on any stage.

Weight 20 kg
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