The Yamaha Pacifica stands out with its natural wood finish and sleek, double-cutaway body, a hallmark of versatility and playability. Designed to offer a wide sonic palette, the Pacifica is well-suited to everything from the bluesy growl of a tube amp to the sharp attack needed for metal, thanks to its trio of pickups and five-way switching system. The comfortable neck profile and smooth fretboard ensure that both chords and intricate solos can be played with ease, catering to musicians of all skill levels.

The Pacifica is not just an instrument—it’s a companion for musical exploration, enabling artists to find their unique sound across a diverse range of genres. Its practical design is complemented by a subtle yet striking aesthetic, featuring the distinctive Yamaha headstock that signifies quality and a long-standing tradition of excellence in instrument craftsmanship. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Yamaha Pacifica is a testament to the fusion of form and function, bringing together timeless style and cutting-edge performance.

Weight 20 kg
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